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VITA MFT® multi functional teeth – Acrylic teeth

The perfect tooth for all circumstances

The tooth line VITA MFT combines functional with aesthetic characteristics and is available at reasonable prices. The VITA MFT design of occlusal surfaces is based on the innovative easy-centric principle, i.e. the surfaces are designed in such a way that, almost automatically, the perfect centric is reached.


The vivid impression of the teeth promotes the natural appearance and results in the patient’s very rapid acceptance of the restoration.


Slightly broadened tooth neck areas which reduce the effort for a true-to-nature and age-specific design of the interdentium. The ideal design of cusps of the upper posteriors brings about the correct centric and provides optimum chewing comfort to the patient. The reduced ridge lap allows for a significant reduction of grinding work and enlarges the surface for safe bonding to the denture base material.


The VITA MFT tooth line covers:

  • 12 upper anterior sets (in 4 type-specific mould groups)
  • 5 lower anterior sets
  • 3 upper and 3 lower posterior sets


VITA MFT is available in the following forms:

  • sets of 6 anteriors (upper  / lower)
  • sets of 8 posteriors (upper / lower)
  • set of 28 teeth (upper & lower anteriors & posteriors)

Download the MFT brochure here:
MFT Product Brochure (PDF, 530KB)