Guide To The Unknown


Endodontic practice can either be a boom or a bane in our lives as a practitioner. There just so many unknowns and we are working blind when we are doing it. Tactile sensation, radiographic image and hopefully, if we have the money to buy we … …

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Making Things Simple


I don’t know about you guys but when you reach my age, you try to make things in your life as simple as possible. So, in dental practice, wouldn’t it be great if we can make complicated treatments as simple possible as well? Look … …

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Dental Domain // FOCUS


Dear Reader,
Dental Domain welcomes you to our new information platform for the Dental Business in the Philippines. Our goal is to help you to be updated with information, news and special topics. For this target we introduce a new service on our website combined … …

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A Young Endodontic Master


Endodontic practice most often than not are avoided
by a lot of dentists. Interest wane in making it a part
of their practice because of too many unknowns, too
many complications and just simply too many hassles.
Dr. Renato Palo will open the doors for a lot of … …

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Saving Your Precious Working Hands


When we are young or not even that young, but just starting to build our Dental Practice, we try to save as much as possible in acquiring dental materials or equipments or instruments that we think are not that necessary yet. And, most often than … …

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Aseptic Alternative


One of the most ignored parts of dental treatment is the aseptic field of the area we are working on. We might deal with the infection control of our dental instruments, disinfects our equipments and be conscious of the cleanliness of our clinical surroundings but, … …

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