Dental Domain at IDS 2023 in Cologne


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W&H’s trade fair appearance was focusing on the medical device manufacturer’s sustainable product solutions, from the Piezomed module to the Lara XL and Assistina One. But, aside from their high-quality materials and production and their long lifespans, what is it that makes … …

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Benefits That Last: Enamelast™ Fluoride Varnish


Dentists treat patients who complain about sensitive teeth every day, and (as diligently as people may try to avoid them) sugary drinks and candy have become ubiquitous! Given these realities, it’s no wonder that fluoride treatments have become so popular. But, before you begin fluoride treatments how should you determine what to use? Is fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash sufficient? Should … …

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Aerosol: Fact vs Fiction


What is the right way to deal with aerosol and bacteria? That´s the key question when it comes to safety in the dental practice. But what is fact and what is fiction? W&H Product manager Judith Berg has prepared some answers.
If you have further questions … …

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Hygiene Guard Pro – Dental aerosol suction system


Dental treatment generates bioaerosols from the patient’s mouth that contains several hundreds of micro-organisms. These aerosols generated during the treatment can stay in the air for several hours with the potential to infect health care professionals.

The Hygiene Guard Pro Aerosol Suction System reduces the infection risks and purifies the air using a 4 step filtration system (Activated Carbon + HEPA high precision Filters, H13 grade) with build-in UV protection and plasma sterilisation. It traps viruses and germs ≥0.3 μm with over 99.97% efficiency thus reduces the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients, protect respiratory health and reduces the risc of COVID-19 infections

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Gemini: The Diode Dental Laser from Ultradent

The Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser is a dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser that can be used intraorally for frenectomies, gingivectomies, and other soft tissue procedures. Now available in the Philippines.

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Our Phone number has changed

New Phone number (8-digit change)

We had to change our phone number in compliance with the 8-digit migration in Metro Manila.
You may call our office now at (02) 3224-1888, Fax number is now (02) 3455-

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