A Young Endodontic Master

Endodontic practice most often than not are avoided
by a lot of dentists. Interest wane in making it a part
of their practice because of too many unknowns, too
many complications and just simply too many hassles.
Dr. Renato Palo will open the doors for a lot of General
Practitioners that the field of Endodontics need not to
be that way, that indeed it can be simple and be a
lucrative part of their dental practice. That you don’t need
to be a diplomate, author, and lecturer in the Field of
Endodontics like him to do it.

He will delve in the following topics:

Evolution of Endodontic Instruments
Current State of Endodontics
Biological Conditions that Justify the Automated Instrumentation
Anatomical Conditions at Different Thirds of the Tooth
Hybridization of Mechanized Systems

Join Us:

Date: August 18, 2008 Venue: Manila Intercontinental Hotel