Defining Esthetics

Much have been said about how to accomplish Esthetic Restoration, and sometimes, due to too much information we get too confuse of what is truly important. So, what is that ? It’s the definition. It is only when we define that we get to set our goals and only do we get to accomplish what we want to achieve. As a dentist we get bogged down with all the techniques and technologies. But, as we get down to the bottom line, Esthetic Restoration is defined as to restore and/or enhance what is natural. Now that we have defined it, we need to set our goals as to achieve our applications.
One, is to provide to our patients what they do expect. Two, is to provide the quality of material that will compliment our talent as dentists. And, third, but certainly not the least, the talent we put into it as we accomplish our goals.

There are composites and there are composites, if you know what I mean. However, if you ask me, Vit-L-Escence is one of the composites that defines a true meaning of composites. However, in an economically-challenged market, price can be a hindrance. So, we need to have certain options. And that’s where Amelogen Plus comes in. It has the surface shine you are looking for, the restorative strength for durability and the price to meet the affordability status. So, don’t take my word for it, try it.