Making Things Simple

I don’t know about you guys but when you reach my age, you try to make things in your life as simple as possible. So, in dental practice, wouldn’t it be great if we can make complicated treatments as simple possible as well? Look at the revolutionary Invisalign in Orthodontics. I for one never like Orthodontics and probably never will. Not only it involves too long of a treatment but its just one heck of a complicated procedure. A lot goes for it do it for it’s simple economically logical decision.

So, I guess, having Invisalign does make it more simpler now, huh? But, it’s one expensive simplification, that’s my opinion for opinion sake only, of course. Endodontics is the same, one heck of a complicated procedure, hence, I only do it when the teeth involved are from canine to canine only and we are just talking about the maxillary teeth, ok? So, wouldn’t it be great if there’s a way that I and dentists like me can add endodontics in a proper way in our dental practice in a much, much, much simpler manner at a very reasonable price?

When Ultradent introduced this system in the market for us to distribute, my first reaction was oh no!!! But, when I tested it, the only thing it came out from my mouth is, oh yes!!! Believe it or not I was able to do lower molar root canal when I haven’t done any RCT for any posterior teeth for 10 years now. Don’t you get confuse sometimes what is crown down and step-back technique? The hassle of obturating the canal? The fear of accidentally perforating the apical foramen, more so, having an extruded gutta percha outside the tooth? The worry of accidental breakage of file inside the canal? The nightmare of retrieving process due to failure? We also get confuse sometimes that when we buy something for Endo that it is a system but more often than not it is not, it is a just a material or an equipment for a part of the entire treatment like just solving your obturation concerns. And, if we do get the answer, the entire system cost an arm and a leg? What if I tell you that with Endo-Eze AET can answer all of that, either minimize the chances or totally remove all those worries and problems at a price you can afford? What if I tell you that you can enlarge your canal in a minimum of 7 minutes? What if I tell you that it doesn’t put too much pressure on your tooth mechanically but instead solve our problems more chemically? What if I tell you that you can obturate in less than 10 minutes? What if I tell you that when you retrieve it if you feel it is necessary, all you need is gates glidden bur? And, the best part, what if I tell you, you can truly afford the entire system? Wouldn’t you like to check it out and start including Endodontics in your practice thus increasing your net worth?