W&H Service in Singapore – significant advance for Asian clients

On April 2008 a new technical W&H premium service centre for the South East Asiatic region was opened in Singapore. Dental Domain will now be able to provide non-standard W&H services for all product categories in this region faster and more cost effective, than before.

W&H Dentalmechanik (Asia) offers a service of the highest quality and is continually working to enhance and improve its services. This is because only a first-class service guarantees satisfied customers and is the basis for ongoing positive customer relations.

There is a long tradition of W&H Service. Since 1957, W&H has prided itself on not only offering technical quality in the service sector but also ensuring direct customer contact and pragmatic development as well as catering to individual customer requirements. This is how W&H Dentalmechanik in Bürmoos, the service centre for the head office, became the leading service specialist and it is for this reason that they now also train employees in Singapore, in order that they can put their first-class expertise and knowledge into practice.

From April 2008, W&H Dentalmechanik Singapore will be part of a worldwide service network which has enabled W&H to ensure that company-owned instruments are maintained and serviced according to the highest quality guidelines.

Dental Domain will continue the local service of all W&H devices and instruments, as usual! But if there’s a problem with your unit or you’ll need a non-standard service, where before we had to send the unit to Europe, we can now offer a faster service, while this can be done at the new W&H facility in Singapore.

Dental Domain Management visited the facilities of W&H Singapore in July, read more about this visit here.