Seek:”First Do No Harm…”

It seems sometimes we tend to forget why we became dental practitioners in the first place especially in the midst now of the “loom and doom” global recession. I, for one, will not judge as to why a lot of us are crunching our budget and lessening our spending especially in materials that we think we seem we can leave without during treatments. However, how do we really know that we don’t? What’s truly the basis of our judgment? Isn’t it true that more often than not it is truly the cost or additional cost that’s the deal breaker especially if the patient will not even know? For example, if there is a material, i.e. called sable seek, that can guide you to know if it is reparative dentin or caries to prevent you from destroying unnecessary tooth structure if it is the former and do remove it if it is the latter as well as help you in looking the pulpal orifice the easier way, will you buy it? If this material is something when you place you just wash away and it’s significance is more critical in the durability, strength and quality of your treatment but can’t be seen and actually be known by your patient, will you still consider it important to spend for it? If it benefits more your conscience rather than your wallet, will you still think it is worth your penny? We continuously attend seminars, workshops and even take post-graduate studies to provide better service to our clients, but is it really service or more of business? When do we really draw the line and remember the first line of our oath “…First Do No Harm…” and do become our precedence above everything else?