Whitening With Accommodation

UltradentTreswhiteMuch has been said in regards to whitening. Actually, with too many choices in the market, it can spin your head around with confusion. Whitening has gone a long way with just gel and individual tray as an option and the hassle of wearing them till you wake up the following morning. And, at this day and age, people are just in a rush all the time. Even our manner of communicating, there’s text and, now, the famous twitter. The quicker, the better. But, is it really better?

Studies have shown that until the best whitening treatment is the good old fashion Take-Home style. Although, we may groan and moan that this is so, this style has been tried and tested to be the most effective and has more lasting effect. However, the market desire on this style has wane that the manufacturers are finally hearing what the market wants. Ultradent has introduced the innovative Tres White. What’s good about it is that it accommodates our desire for quick fix with minimal hassle yet maintains the good old fashion best result that Take Home Whitening brings. With Tres White, there’s no need for an individual tray anymore, it fits all. It also reduces the time consuming of wearing it. The patient only requires an hour per day for a minimum of 7-10 days. Plus, it has a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide of 10% that is not the norm for Take-Home Whitening products. The best part is that it tastes really great with a variety of flavors to choose from and so easy to use, all you have to do is suck and swallow upon placement.

Now, with all that accommodations that provide great results, they even step up one point higher in the scale of giving what the market wants. Recently, they came up with Tres White Ortho. Who says that you cannot whiten when you have braces? The complicated becomes uncomplicated, and the difficult becomes easy. All of this at a very reasonable price. So, aren’t you yet interested in making your patients try it out now or even better try it yourself?