Valo of All Lights

WValo-Home-Logo-smallhat’s a Smart Buyer? A Smart Buyer is knowing their financial capacity and properly evaluating what and why they are buying it for. In dental profession, due to economic reasons we often put budget at the top of the list of our considerations to the point we forget the truly most significant consideration, the WHY.

There’s really nothing wrong with considering the price of the products we are buying especially if we are tight on the budget but it shouldn’t be the “be all and the end all”. A buyer defines the cost of the product into two variations. One, the actual monetary definition, expensive or cheap. Two, value for your money, the worth of WHY you are buying that particular product. Do you consider what you are buying disposable or an investment? A temporary relief or for long time use? For convenience or practicality? For features and benefits or it truly doesn’t matter? In our field of profession, the former definition is only but logical and practical to do if it involve non-critical items. Meaning consumables or equipments that can be compromised a  little bit and can be later on totally upgraded without adding to your clutter and be an item totally of not any use to you. While, define ourselves as a smart buyer when it comes to products that are truly critical in our practice. Because not only these items are significant and necessary in the manner of quality and safety in delivering our treatments to our patients but should also be a sound investment since practicing dentistry is indeed also a business. And, one of those items that falls into this category is our light cure unit.

What if there’s a light that is only 4.1 ounces with Kevlar-impregnated cord, scratch & shock resistant because of its aircraft aluminum body coated with Teflon, no battery that will be later on be an additional cost for you, no bulky charging station that consumes space you already don’t have? And, to top it all, what if it has a sleek, slender, wand-shaped body with a beam that disperses light in a focused, columnar fashion to give complete, uniform cure that cuts almost more than half of your curing time just at the choice of your fingertips with 3 available types of power emulating 3 types of light, the halogen, the LED and the plasma at the most reasonable price? Wouldn’t you consider it as a smart buy? If you say yes, then just look at the FINNISH word for LIGHT and you got the answer in front of you.