W&H Facelight – caries seen differently!


The Facelight by W&H enables direct visual detection of caries in opened cavities. While conventional methods only offer indirect information on the extent of caries in infected dentin, Facelight gives dentists the ability to assess the treatment site at a glance.  The system works with t

he innovative FACE method: Fluorescence Aided Caries Excavation

How Facelight works

Bacteria in dentin infected by caries leave behind metabolic products (porphyrins). When an exposed cavity is illuminated with violet light (wavelength of 405 nm), these porphyrins show a red fluorescence, thereby indicating the significant areas for caries excavation.

The main features of Facelight at a glance:
  • Visual detection of caries in opened cavities at a glance
  • Support for the selective, minimally invasive excavation
  • Safety and minimal risk of caries recurrence