Dental Domain’s new office

Dental Domains new office location and phone numbers

Dental Domains existing business rooms got too small. In order to match the increased requirements we moved into our magnificent new, larger office.

Please take note of our new address and contact details:

Dental Domain Corp.
04 Ledesma Court
Visayas Avenue
We are moving
Quezon City, 1128


Phone: (02) 224-1888

Fax: (02) 455-6062

Beginning of 2013 we broke ground for a new office building conveniently located at Visayas Ave in Quezon City. Finally after a lot of planning and even more work it’s almost done. Dental Domain Corp. finally moved in February 22, 2014

Taking care of the environment, the new office building will have it’s own rain water regeneration, a 21,000W(p) photo-voltaic solar power system, inverter cooling and of course modern IT and communication technology hosting our network infrastructure.

Status of our Solar Power plant:

You are most welcome to visit our new facilities!

We are delighted to have found the ideal office and location for our team in Quezon City. The new office provides better facilities for our team and customers, and the extra space we require for our future expansion plans. Our customers are very welcome to visit our new facilities.