Newsletter October 2015

As the year 2015 nears to end, Dental Domain is continually making its effort to disseminate information not only for dental practitioners but to the general public as well. We want to achieve better oral health through information and education.

Dental Domain website has been improved and provide articles regarding treatments and materials that can highly improve dental treatments. Dental Practitioners can actually purchase online now for your convenience. Visit us at

Next year we intend to provide even more news and updates through our website and maximizing the use of social media. We hope that through easy access of information via the internet, more and more will be able to learn about the importance of proper and ethical dental practice.

We still have upcoming events that you may deem to attend and participate. We hope we will see you there.


Top 5 Ultradent Products Tips

Every week, we get to receive product tips from Ultradent, so, we can in return inform our clients how they can maximize the materials they buy from us. This is critical so our clients can get their money’s worth. However, not all do visit Dental Domain websites and not all certainly have the time nor the patience to read our blogs. So, here are the Top 5 Product Tips that I am sure will go a long way to assist you in making the most out of your materials from Ultradent:

(1) Do UltraSeal XT plus, UltraEtch, or PrimaDry contain tertiary butylhydroquinone?
No, but UltraSeal  does contain methyl hydroquinone, which is similar. Patients who are allergic to tertiary butylhydroquinone can sometimes also be allergic to methyl hydroquinone. On the other hand, if the patient has ever had a composite or adhesive in their mouths, they have likely already been exposed to methyl hydroquinone.

(2) How do Astringedent and ViscoStat differ in application?
Astringedent is more aqueous, with a 15.5% ferric sulfate solution, and ViscoStat is more viscous with a 20% ferric sulfate solution.
ViscoStat and Astringedent can both be used for prosthodontics, restorative-operative, periodontal treatment, retrofillings, canine impactions, gingivectomies, and as a fixative for pulpotomies. They can be also be used to prevent leakage caused by sulcular fluid contamination during direct bonding procedures. Simply soak an Ultrapak® cord in either hemostatic and isolate the tissues. Follow with a firm air/water spray.

(3) What is the difference in setting time between EndoREZ and the EndoREZ Accelerator? EndoREZ canal sealer has a setting time of 30 minutes.  By using the EndoREZ Accelerator, that time is reduced to about 5 minutes.

(4) Does a patient who has had Enamelast applied really need to wait until the next morning to brush or floss? In a perfect world, it would be ideal if Enamelast was left on overnight. However, we understand that this is too much to ask for some patients (unless you are my children who would love to have a night off from their mom hounding them to brush their teeth). At minimum the patient should wait 4-6 hours before brushing. With Enamelast’s smooth texture and awesome flavor, this should be easier than they think. Here is what the AAPD recommends:
Directions for Your Child’s Care After Treatment
5% sodium fluoride varnish was applied to your child’s teeth today. This treatment safely delivers fluoride and a protective coating to the tooth surfaces. To obtain the maximum benefit, please follow these recommendations:

  • Do not brush or floss for at least 4-6 hours.
  • If possible, wait until tomorrow morning to resume brushing and flossing.
  • Feed a soft food diet for the rest of today.
  • Avoid hot drinks and products containing alcohol (eg, beverages, oral rinses, etc)
    for the rest of today.

Your child will be able to feel the varnish on his/her teeth. Once brushing or flossing is resumed, the varnish will be removed from the tooth surface over the next several days.


(5) Are there any concerns with food allergies in Opalescence PF?
Opalescence PF is free of nut allergens, wheat, soy, and dairy, so people with sensitivity to those types of food can safely use the product.

VALO® Awarded the “Best of Class” Technology Award for the 4th year

South Jordan, Utah — Now in its seventh year, the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award continues unparalleled in its integrity and approach to recognizing excellence in dental innovation. In 2015, the VALO LED curing light, from Ultradent Products, Inc., is one of those lauded as “Best of Class.”“To be honored as ‘Best of Class’ is a sign that a product has revolutionized, simplified, or advanced its category in a distinctive way,” said Dr. Lou Shuman, “Best of Class” founder. “The manufacturers represented here are driving the conversation for how dental practices will operate today and in the future. The foundation for our success in bringing attention to these products has always been our formula: technology leadership in dentistry, unbiased, and not for profit.”

“Best of Class” honorees are chosen by a panel comprised of leading voices in dental technology, who come together each year to discuss, debate, and decide what products merit recognition. All technology categories are considered, but if there is no clear differentiator that sets a product apart in its category, then no winner is selected. Panelists who receive compensation from dental companies are prevented from voting in that company’s category. Over the years, the panel has developed a rapport that makes space for important conversations about the value of different innovations and how evolving categories become more or less valuable to the general dentist. The spirited debate that follows results in a variety of products—obscure and well-known, basic and aspirational—being honored.


The Philippine Association of Functional Jaw Orthopedics (PAFJO) will have its 4th Asian Academic Congress for TMJ on November 16 to 18 at Solaire Resort and Casino Asiana Ave. in Paranaque City.

At a reasonable fee that ranges from P5,700.00 to P 8,000 depending on your membership and time of payment, includes four snacks, one lunch on Novemeber 17, Gala and Dinner event, scientific sessions and online access of the lectures.

The lectures have well-respected foreign and local speakers. One of them is Dr. Deepak Mehta, a known Esthetic Dentist from India who’s sponsored by Ultradent, will be one of the speakers and will deal with the topic on “A New Perspective on Bio-Esthetics & Functioning Using Edelweiss Veneers & Occlusion” on November 18 at 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Room 1. We hope to see you all there.

Register now or call us at (02) 2241888 for details:
You may download the Program Schedule (this link) and the the Registration form (this link)

Tissue Management in Challenging Cases

All clinicians encounter challenges when it comes to tissue management. Even with high-quality, predictable tissue management products and techniques out there (such as Astringedent® X or ViscoStat® used with the Metal Dento-Infusor® tip), it helps to know a few tips and tricks for the extraordinary cases that inevitably come about from time to time.

1. In this case, the patient presented with an old, fractured amalgam filling, further exasperated by chewing on the fragments for months, leaving the gingiva inflamed.

2. Start by removing the old amalgam. Keep the caries as a barrier for the time being, in case the pulp is exposed.

3. Next, expose the gingival margin of the restoration before placing a rubber dam. Move to the next step, if necessary, to improve visibility.

4. Achieve profound hemostasis by applying ViscoStat or Astringedent X with the brush end of the Metal Dento-Infusor tip.

5. Place the dental dam, then remove residual caries. Treat exposed pulp if necessary. Etch and bond with Peak® Universal Bond.

6. Do not wedge the matrix band until the first layer of composite has been placed.
See step #7 for correct procedure.

7. First, place the matrix band to create a gingival seal, then place the first layer of composite. (Optional: etch and bond after placing the matrix band, then place the first layer of composite.)

8. Wedge after placing the first layer of composite. Loosen the matrix band and contour for good interproximal contact. Place an initial adaptive layer with PermaFlo® and fill cavity with Amelogen® Plus.

NADTI 2015 Trade Exhibition and pre-Christmas Fair

Hope to see you there! Remember to take note of the new venue at SM MEGAMALL.


WHEN: OCT. 27 – 29, 2015

SM Megamall Megatrade Hall

10am to 9pm

Pre Reg: P650
On Site: P800