Valo: The Light To Your Practice

In practicing our profession there are some equipments and materials that we should choose quality versus price. These are equipments and materials we use almost every single day while we do our service as dentists. Hence, it is critical that we invest our money for the right reasons and not just for the sake of having it.

In the recent years, there’s a great shift of what kind of curing light we do use in our practice, from halogen light to LED light. But, not many of us do understand what’s the need to do so. One of the reason given is that although Halogen Light has worked fine all these years, there are studies that prove it has a tendency to increase pulpal temperature especially when used to deep cavity preparations at a closer distance. Another, is that since it is totally dependent on its bulb not all practitioners do really change the bulb before it gets busted. Therefore, the light intensity needed to properly cure our composite resins is not constant.

VALO uses a custom LED for producing high-intensity light at 395–480nm capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials. This intensity will also penetrate porcelain and is capable of curing underlying resin cements similar to a quality halogen light.

Every VALO starts as a solid bar of tempered, high-grade aerospace aluminum. The unibody construction ensures VALO’s durability and provides unsurpassed heat dissipation. The elegant, ergonomic, and streamlined design enables VALO to easily reach all curing sites without sacrificing patient comfort. VALO’s aluminum wand, machined components, and tempered glass lens make it the most durable curing light available.

  • Ultra-high-energy broadband LEDs cure all dental materials
  • Optimally collimated beam delivers a complete, uniform cure
  • Three curing options—Standard Power, High Power, and Xtra Power—offer convenience and flexibility
  • Slim, ergonomic wand allows unprecedented access to all restoration sites
  • Unique unibody design is both extremely durable and lightweight

In the end, why really should we choose Valo as our light cure light in our practice? Because it is s curing light that allows for perpendicular positioning to any curing site, including posterior teeth, is essential to the quality of the cure in any procedure. VALO features a slim head and low profile design that allows the clinician to easily access hard-to-reach areas, even in smaller mouths. This unprecedented access to the restoration with the VALO ensures the delivery of the maximum amount of power (emitted light) to the dental material giving a more complete cure that makes our restorations durable and last longer. Great for us and our patients.