Author Audrey Reyes, Operations Manager

Benefits That Last: Enamelast™ Fluoride Varnish


Dentists treat patients who complain about sensitive teeth every day, and (as diligently as people may try to avoid them) sugary drinks and candy have become ubiquitous! Given these realities, it’s no wonder that fluoride treatments have become so popular. But, before you begin fluoride treatments how should you determine what to use? Is fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash sufficient? Should … …

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Hygiene Guard Pro – Dental aerosol suction system


Dental treatment generates bioaerosols from the patient’s mouth that contains several hundreds of micro-organisms. These aerosols generated during the treatment can stay in the air for several hours with the potential to infect health care professionals.

The Hygiene Guard Pro Aerosol Suction System reduces the infection risks and purifies the air using a 4 step filtration system (Activated Carbon + HEPA high precision Filters, H13 grade) with build-in UV protection and plasma sterilisation. It traps viruses and germs ≥0.3 μm with over 99.97% efficiency thus reduces the risk of cross infection between doctors and patients, protect respiratory health and reduces the risc of COVID-19 infections

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From Bleaching To Tooth Vennering [with Dr. Rafael Beolchi]


We invite you to join Dr. Rafael Beolchions lecture “From Bleaching To Tooth Vennering” in Cebu City. For many years, “Esthetics” in Operative Dentistry has been taught as something more artistic than scientific. Often, is left for many dentists the feeling that there’s a lack of information, one that might help planning and executing cases with reliability, predictability and, why not, serenity

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Reprocessing and Sterilization in Modern Dentistry


Join us in our first ever event in partnership with W&H on September 16, 2019 Monday at Novotel Hotel Araneta Center, Cubao Quezon City

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Minimal Invasive Direct Veneering with edelweiss


Over the last decades, the increased demand for better smiles has determined a significative evolution in contemporary esthetic dentistry with the introduction of new techniques to produce beautiful smiles with less technically demanding and time consuming clinical procedures.

Dr Claudio Novelli is the clinical and scientific director at Edelweiss Dentistry. He participated to the developement of the laser-sintered composite veneer and since 2011 he has extensively practiced this innovative esthetic technique to create beautifull smiles in a single appointment

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