Author Dr. Jean Galindez

Create beautiful natural results with Vit-l-escence


Know the reason why this has been my composite of choice more than 15 years ago and still is…Watch a more innovative way of making your anterior restorations to really look better…
Vit-l-escence is an esthetic composite system that features the fluorescent and opalescent qualities of … …

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Ultradent’s Trench Talk Series 1


To understand better Ultradent products you purchased from us, Ultradent created Trench Talk that can answer most of frequently asked questions to assists you in maximizing your usage of your favorite Ultradent products.
Chlorhexidine in PUB

Q:¬†How long is the effect of the chlorhexidine in Peak Universal … …

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The Tip that Is Navitip


Nobody can deny that the practice of Endodontics is not always an easy feat. Thus, continuous study is done all over the world in the dental community especially for those¬† who wants to achieve a high success rate in root canal therapy with as much … …

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The Expertise of ExperTemp

ExperTemp Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

It is always challenging to find great materials that will allow us to have good result and at the same time less hassle in its manipulation and handling. For General Practitioners and Prosthodotists, it is critical to have provisional materials that will assist them in … …

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Making Your Seal Effective

UltraSeal Kit

Sealant is a very effective procedure to prevent caries or to arrest incipient caries to extend more than it should. It is very ideal treatment especially for children once their permanent teeth starts to erupt. Sealants are meant for the chewing surfaces of molars, particularly … …

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Jiffy’s: Polishing & Finishing to Make It Shine

Jiffy Polishing and Finishing Kit

Every dentists know that polishing and finishing are very important to end any tooth restoration procedure. In fact, all dentists won’t be graduating their clinicals in their college years because they won’t be getting a grade if their restorations are not polished and finished. Long … …

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