Rotary Files

NiTi-TEE® Rotary Files

A small revolution that makes a big difference.


New NiTi-TEE® consists of six files with varying tapers for use with the Crown Down method of endodontics.

The first three NiTi-TEE® files (12/30, 8/30 and 6/30) are mainly used as coronal shapers. The next three files (4/30, 4/25 and 4/20) have the unique S-profile. They quickly and effectively shape the apical portion of the canal.

Nickel-titanium combined with a safety tip make the files extremely flexible and elastic for convenient use even in heavily curved canals. The mechanical approach is ergonomic for you and easy on the patient.

The new NiTi-TEE® system can be used with all rotating contra-angles for endodontics with 300 rpm, such as the W&H WD-74M and the Tri Auto ZX.

The NiTi-TEE® system consists of the following sizes:

NiTi-TEE File Sizes

For a larger apical size than ISO 30, use the NiTi-TEE® taper 2 – its apical size goes all the way up to ISO 55.