X-Ray Machine

PHOT-X ⅡS Periapical

Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont

 PHOT-X ⅡS Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont Wall Mount

WK Wall mounted type

  • Belmont’s High Frequency Technology allows for
  • Reduced skin dosage with optimum radiation level for every diagnostic need
  • Ideal matching for digital imaging system
  • High resolution image by a small focal spot
  • Easy to position compact head

 PHOT-X ⅡS Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont Floor MobileFM Mobile type

 PHOT-X ⅡS Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont

Small 0.4 focal spot value for the sharpest image possible

 PHOT-X ⅡS Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont

Reduced radiation dosage

DC constant tube potential decreases soft x-ray absorbed to the patient’s tissue. An optional rectangular collimator attachment can reduce patient exposure to the absolute minimum.

Optimum radiation level for every patient

The operation is simple. Select patient type, select tooth and press the exposure switch. The manual override timer allows for adjustment of exposure time temporarily. The radiation output of the micro-computer controlled exposures can be read directly.

Easy customization to different films, sensors and techniques

Exposure time, cone type (SSD), mA, kV etc. can easily be selected by the control module. This will help the dentist to take a fine image according to the patient with the most suitable exposure setting for digital sensors as well as films.

Easy-to-positon compact tube head PHOT-X ⅡS Reliable DC X-ray by Belmont

The tube head is light weight (4 kg), compact and easy to hold. This enables the operator to align the tube head accurately every time.



Technical Data

Product namePHOT-Xlls 505
Nominal focal spot value0.4
Rated tube potential60 kV / 70 kV (selectable)
Rated tube current3 mA / 6 mA (selectable)
Rated line voltage100/ 110/ 120/ 220/ 230/ 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Rated line current11.0 A (100 V), 10.5 A (110 V), 10.0 A (120 V), 6.4 A

(220 V), 6.2 A (230 V), 6.0 A (240 V) at 70 kV / 6 mA

Line voltage range+10 %
Exposure time0.01 to 2.0 sec.
Total filtration2.0 mmAI equivalent at 70 kV
Source-to-skin distance (SSD)

Regular cone


203 mm

Long cone (option)305 mm
Rectangular collimator (option)SSD of cone +40 mm
Duty cycle1:30
HaTvaIueIayef1.5 mmAI over
Density preprogram



16 programs

Digital Sensor16 programs